Website and Social Media Live Chat Tools are fast becoming one of the most successful communication links between online businesses and potential customers.

With impressive customer conversion statistics of up to 80%!, its a tool that all small businesses should be considering. Live Chat operates on user friendly mobile phone apps, which can even send you notifications when a customer would like to connect with you. Offering this form of immediate customer service to answer any initial questions, encourages more "visitors" to become "active customers". 
 I haven't got time to be chatting to every visitor!......
If, like most small business, your time is taken up looking after existing customers and running your business, you can take advantage of a very clever function called "Chatbots". Chatbots can act as your secretary - welcoming and engaging with visitors, offering common answers to the most common questions and guiding them to specific pages and information on your website. At any time, if and when you are free, you can "Join" the chat and interact with customers live. If you're not available, your chatbot can collect names, phone numbers and emails with a promise that you will contact them as soon as you are free. 

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Chatbots can also capture more information about potential customers, improving your relationship with them and enabling you to suggest suitable products and services specific to them.
And the best bit.... Live Chat is a tool that is now available to anyone, and many starter Live Chat Tools are FREE.

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