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Google places a lot of value on well written, grammatically correct website page content. Pages with clear information and smooth navigation will be a preferred choice when Google starts to match keywords on pages with keywords in google search bars.

My 26 yr+ career in editorial, advertorial, advertising, sales and design, enables me to create substantial, keyword-rich page content from any existing limited content or with just a few bullet points from clients.

The Navigation of your site is what creates the "ride" for your website visitors.
Can they see all the options they need?
Is it clearly laid out to help them find what they are looking for quickly? 
Are there plenty of invitations and teasers to encourage and enable click through to other pages?
Is it easy to use?
Is it pleasant to look at?
Is it fun?
Is it smooth?
Is it quick?
All very important questions to ask about any existing website you may have.

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Does Google know about ALL your pages? or just your website address.. Has Google sent your customers straight to the specific page they need on your website or just to your home page?

Every page on your website has its own unique address. Google needs to be aware of ALL of them to boost your presence in the search listings. .. Again, its all about keywords.

Website Content writing, keyword creation and placement and navigation improvement are just part of my Website Refresh Service. The result is a more pleasurable experience for your customers, who will quickly and easily be able to find the information they need along with your contact options when they need them.

The main thing!! its a lot simpler than you think. Many of my customers have very little input in the process. They just get on with running their businesses and leave us to create the first draft which is reviewed, discussed and then completed based on those discussions.

The Cattery website project shown here for instance required only photos and prices from the client, the rest was all created new using information from an existing Facebook page.

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